• Provide a platform for networking among member companies.

  • Improve Pakistan’s business image in Russia and other countries and the image of Russia’s Businesses in Pakistan.

  • Work with governments to frame business friendly policies that attract investments.

  • Provide suggestions to governments for formulating the annual Federal Budget and Trade Policy.

  • Pursue resolution of specific sector/industry issues with governments on behalf of its members.

  • Obtain representation on various government bodies, task forces and business groups.

  • Facilitate an on-going guest speaker’s program with top Federal & Provincial and City government officials to share views and address member’s current issues.

  • Undertake an Annual Survey of Russia / Pakistan Business & Investment for members’ consolidated contribution to the economy.

  • Undertake an Annual Perception Survey to identify members’ perception of the country’s economic & business climate and assesses the efficiency or otherwise of relevant government departments. This survey is publicized and circulated to all concerned authorities in Pakistan, Sri Lanka and abroad.

  • Act as a liaison between potential Russia / Pakistan investors, Russia / Pakistan based dignitaries and delegations visiting government and business groups.