Moscow: FPCCI Business delegation meets Russian Ministers and Business leaders under the leadership of Senator Haji Ghulam Ali

The MOU between FPCCI and Russian Federation also signed

We desire not only good relations, but we also seek investment and trade; Senator Haji Ghulam Ali

A business delegation under the leadership of Senator Haji Ghulam Ali, President of the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) met officials of the Ministries of Industry and Foreign & Economic Relations of the Russian Federation, as well as National Investment Agency representatives and business community members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia (FRCCI) separately. The FPCCI delegation discussed in detail matters related to Pakistan-Russia relations, an expansion of trade, the exchange of information, and bilateral trade. The delegation includes the Mr. Fazl-e-Elahi, Vice President FPCCI; Mr. Abdul Rauf Tabbani, Chairman Pak-Russia Business Council; Mr. Shahid ur Rehman, Chairman, FPCCI Standing Committee Mines and Minerals; Mr. Shahid ur Rehman; Mr. Ata ur Rehman; Mr. Asif Majeed; Mr. Asif Saeed; Dr. M. Shafique; Mr. Ashfaque Ahmed; Mr. Irshad Ahmed Swati; Mr. Muhammad Ikram; Mr. Iqbal Shah; Mr. Nadeem Khalid and Mr. Mohsin Akhtar Wariach. The Pakistani Trade Minister in Russia, Mr. Iylas Ghouri, was also present with the delegation.

During the meeting, FPCCI and its counterpart chamber, the Federation of Russian Chambers of Commerce and Industry also signed an MOU. From FPCCI’s side, Senator Haji Ghulam Ali, and from the Russian Side, the President of FRCCI signed the MOU. On this occasion, Senator Haji Ghulam Ali said, we want better relations with Russia including bilateral trade, easy market access and trade promotion and this is the reason that President of Pakistan, Mr. Asif Ali Zardari has visited Russia four times during the last two years, and our Commerce Minister, Makhdoom Amin Fahim, the Foreign Minister and Agriculture Minister have also visited the Russian Federation. In continuation of this previous trend, today, FPCCI and the business community are visiting Moscow and are meeting the representatives of different Ministries and the Russian business community.

The visit of the Prime Minister of Pakistan to Russia on November 7, 2011 also indicated that the Pakistani government and the business community desire not only good relations, but also seek Russian investment and superior trade relations with Russia. We

wish that the Russian Federation and its business community will come forward and play their role in promoting joint ventures and bilateral trade.

Furthermore, the President-FPCCI stated that at present, there is huge potential for investment in Mining, Railways, transport and the energy sector in Pakistan and Russian investors should avail these opportunities. He elaborated that more than 35 years ago, the construction of Pakistan Steel Mills was made possible because of Russian assistance, and it is a symbol of Pakistan Russia relationship. At present, the transfer of modern technology to Pakistan Steel Mills is the responsibility of Russia, so that the Steel Mills could get rid off the ongoing difficulties. Moreover, Russia should take steps to promote direct trade.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Russian Federation thanked the delegation and said that to implement the suggestions like better relations with Pakistan, trade promotion, exchange of information and transfer of modern technology, we will take decisions very soon and in this regard, we will finalize the decisions in an inter government commission meeting, which will held in the month of December in Pakistan. Later on, the President FPCCI presented FPCCI crest to the Director, Minister of Trade of Moscow and President-FRCCI.


Maher Alam Khan

Acting Secretary General