12th of October, 2009 was the prestigious day for all the Members of the Pakistan Russia Business Forum. This is the day of PRBF’s incorporation.

Pakistan Russia Business Forum is an august body which has members already in business with the Russian Federation and also helping new comers to enter one of the biggest markets of Consumer goods and importers for the tremendous heavy Engineering products from the Russian Federation. There is a chance of phenomenal growth between the two countries and PRBF is playing a pivotal role to encourage partners at both ends. PRBF is the fundamental platform that will promote bilateral relations in trade, social cultural, educational, technical, scientific, industrial, tourism etc. between Pakistan and Russian federation.

Under the pledge, PRBF aims to promote the bilateral cooperation and relations between Pakistan and Russia in regards to corporate bodies and individual investors. PRBF stands as a dedicated bridge between Pakistan and Russia allowing the members and other interested bodies to flow investments between the two friendly nations.

Area of Operation

The Forum shall operate in the whole of Pakistan, and other Countries of the World.

Aims and Objectives

The following will be the aims and objectives of the Forum:

  • To create understanding and awareness about Pakistan Russia Business Forum.

  • To promote, research and publications about Business prospects, etc. between Pakistan and Russian Federation.

  • The aims and objectives of the Forum shall be the encouragement, furtherance, and promotion of business, mutual understanding, and friendly relations between the industrial and business communities of Pakistan and Russian Federation.

  • In order to pursue the aims and objectives, the Forum shall endeavor and engage in the following activities:


  • To organize and hold programs, seminars, discussions, and other related activities.
  • To encourage, advocate, and stimulate investment in both the countries through extensive interaction with Trade Organizations and Businessmen, through exchange of delegations and visitors, through the setting up, assistance, and sponsorship of exhibitions, displays, and showrooms in Pakistan, and through the collection and dissemination of information, literature, and other relevant facts.
  • To provide a channel of communication and networking within the business community, and between the Forum and Governments of Pakistan and Russian Federation.
  • To accept any gift, donation, grant, subsidy, or subscription.
  • To sponsor, arrange, and facilitate programs that promote the culture, traditions, arts and craft, and knowledge of the two countries.
  • To bolster, advocate, and advance the tourism industry of both the Countries.
  • To assiduously promote responsible corporate citizenship of members.
  • To do all such things, actions, initiatives, and conducts as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of all or any of the above objectives.
  • To arrange conferences, symposiums and seminars, discussions and other related activities
  • To publish books, studies and other materials about Relations/ Economics of Pakistan & Russian Federation.
  • To undertake study tours of Business prospective Cities, historical sites in Pakistan and Russian Federation.
  • To encourage exchange of Businessmen, scholars, students among Russian Federation and Pakistan.
  • To liaise with other such Forums/ Trade Bodies/ Associations having similar aims and objectives both at home and abroad.