::.. Message of Mr. Abdul Rauf Tabani president of the pakistan russia business forum ..::

On 12th June 2009, Russian federation celebrates its 19th national day. On behalf of Pakistan Russia business forum I have the honour to express my heartiest greetings and best wishes to the government and people of the Russian federation.

Specially to convey my heartiest greetings to H.E. Mr. Dmitry Medvedev President H.E. Mr. Vladimir Putin, Premier Minister, all the members of parliament (duma), all ministers of cabinet, H.E. Mr. Andrey S. Budnik Ambassador of Russian Federation in Pakistan H.E. Mr. Rishat N. Khalikov, trade representative of Russian Federation, in Pakistan, Islamabad, H.E. Mr. Vladimir V. Seliverstov, Consul General of Consulate of Russian federation, Karachi, Mr.  Sergey A. Plyushchov,   Dy. Head of Trade Representative in Karachi and all diplomats, staff members of embassy, consulate general and trade representative offices in Islamabad and Karachi. 

During past 19 years period, time was an epochal event for Russian federation whose national state system had started on road to recovery and transformation with evolutionary policies at the threshold of 21st. century. The path of development chosen by leaders of Russian federation at the beginning of the independent democratic Russian federation and the viability of its goal are confirmed by the tangible results of the gradual and consistent social and economic reforms.

Russia besides Russians and other sects has a population of over 20 million Muslims and chain of over 4500 mosques. Russia has developed excellent relationship with Islamic countries and supports solving  pressing international problems within the framework of the united nations, sco (shanghai cooperation organization) such as eradication of threats and challenges faced by mankind of international terrorism, religious extremism, spread of weapons of mass destruction, drug trafficking, regional and global conflicts and arresting poverty internationally.

Diplomatic relations with Pakistan are successfully developing at the regional and international levels. Cooperation between Pakistan and the Russian federation is cordial and constructive. In order to promote bilateral relations in trade, social cultural, educational, technical, scientific, industrial, tourism etc. between Pakistan and Russian federation, like-minded businessmen from Pakistan have founded in Pakistan “Pakistan- Russia business forum” in April 2009.Foreign trade between Russia and Pakistan averages USD 600 million annually.

The main Russian exports goods to Pakistan are wheat, production of the chemical industry (fertilizers, rubber, plastic), the machine equipment and helicopters, wood, pulp and paper items (paper, cardboard), ferrous and non ferrous metals.

The basic goods of the Russian import from Pakistan are textile production (cotton, synthetic fibre), food (citrus, rice), the medical equipment and surgical tools, leather products, pharmaceutical production, sports goods, jewels.

Present volumes of the Russian Pakistan trade and economic cooperation do not correspond to their real potential.Both countries have huge possibilities for expansion of mutually advantageous business relations.

Russia is interested in expansion of the business cooperation with Pakistan in agro, machine-building, power, metallurgical sectors, and also in sphere of industry and high technologies, oil and natural gas recovery and investment projects, communication and oil refining, public health services and education.There are also big possibilities for development of cultural contacts and tourist business.

The important factor for restraint of investment cooperation is delay with the beginning of the work of the Russian Pakistan intergovernmental commission on trade and economic, scientific and technical cooperation, and also delay with signing of agreements on avoidance of double taxation and mutual security of investments.
But a principal cause influencing the Russian Pakistan trade and economic relations is the difficult internal political situation in Pakistan and in the whole region.
we are confident that with the support of both the governments and sincere efforts from the business community through the platform of Pakistan Russia business forum we will endeavour to enhance the bilateral trade to a distinctive figure of more them us dollars one billion in very near future.

We hope that these close and fraternal relations between the two friendly countries may further grow in the future to come and both Pakistan and the Russian federation may achieve common objectives at national and international level.

I would like to congratulate on behalf of Pakistan Russia business forum H. E. Mr. Vladimir V. Seliverstov, Consul General of the Russian Federation, Karachi, for becoming the Dean of Consular Corps Sindh, Pakistan.

In the end I would not forget the whole hearted support received from H. E. Mr. Vladimir V. Seliverstov, Consul General of the Russian Federation, Karachi, Mr. Tariq Khalil, m/s. Bibojee Services (pvt.) ltd, Mr. Sohail Aziz, m/s. Nasa International, and Mr. Nadeem Khalid, m/s. Herbion Pakistan (pvt.) limited. Without whose contribution it would not have been possible to publish this supplement. Pakistan Russia business forum and I myself sincerely thank them all for their patronage.

Long live Pakistan Russian friendship
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