::.. Speech for Parliamentarians Delegation of Russia On 9th April 2009 at Marina Club Karachi ..::

Honourable Mr. Sergey T. Pekpeev, (Chief Guest) Head of the Parliamentarians Delegation of Russian Federation, H. E. Mr. Vladimir V. Selivertsov, Consul General, Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Pakistan, distinguished Parliamentarians from Russian Federation Members of Diplomatic Corp, Founder Members, of Pakistan Russia Business Forum and distinguished guests.


On behalf of Pakistan Russia Business Forum, I welcome all the distinguished guests today at this gathering in honour of Russian Parliamentarians.  We, the business community of Pakistan having very old relations with the Russian Federation are honoured by the presence of our distinguished guests.  I am also thankful to H.E. Mr. Vladimir V. Selivertsov, Consul General of Russian Federation to give us opportunity to meet the distinguished Parliamentarians of Russian Federation here.
Pakistan – Russia business Forum has been founded by the business community of Pakistan having interest in Russian Economy and Trade and to interact with the Russian Partners to boost Bilateral Trade between the two countries.

In order to improve bilateral relations, we feel it is required to liberalize visa policy from Russian and Pakistan sides and to open doors to both countries for the promotion of Culture, Tourism, Trade, Economic Relations. Educational and Exchange of Professionals Students, Business delegations etc. etc.
The air frequencies between the two countries are limited and PIA seems to be closing flights from July this year so Aeroflot or same local carrier must start flights.
Pakistan has abundant Natural Resources and can Supply Raw-Cotton, Textile and Garments, Rice, Minerals, marble and many other products.  Pakistan can avail from Russia the Expertise in Oil and Gas, Mining Technology, Electric Energy (Thermal, Hydel & Nuclear Energy) we can import.  Wheat, Fertilizers, Metals, Steel and Heavy Machinery products.

We hope that the members’ delegation will carry a good image of Pakistan and will encourage more travel of all sectors of Trade, Industry, Culture, Professionals, Educationists Writers, and Common Tourists from Russia to Pakistan.

In the end, I once again sincerely thank you all for giving us this opportunity to share our views with the Russian Parliamentarians and I wish them a very pleasant and comfortable stay in Pakistan and when they go back home they carry a very good impression of Pakistan and Business Community in particular.
Pakistan Russia Friendship – Zindabad

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