The applicable annual fee structure would be as follows. This would be reviewed as and when decided by the Executive Committee and approved at the Annual General meetings:


  • Patron-in-Chief/Patron            :          Honorary
  • Patron                                      :           Honorary
  • Founder Member                    :           Rs 10,000
  • General Member                     :           Rs 10,000
  • Honorary Member                   :           Honorary


  • Patron-in-Chief                        :           Honorary
  • Founder Member                    :           Nil
  • General Member                     :           Nil
  • Honorary Member                   :           Honorary

It is the desire of the Executive Committee that your esteemed organization must be a member of this forum, as the presence of your respected organization would enhance the prestige and effectiveness of this forum.

On behalf of the Executive Committee, we cordially invite you to become an integral part of this forum. The attached form is presented for you consideration. We would appreciate if you would complete the formalities and send your form to the above address. You may contact the Secretary-General, Tariq Khalil, on 021- 35864826 or tariqs234@mail.com  for any other information.

We are sanguine that you would respond positively to our invitation so that together in a synergetic mode, we can achieve the objectives of prosperity, friendship and excellence in business.
With personal and warm regards.

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